check_netapp_pro 5.0.0 released

We are happy to announce that the next major release of check_netapp_pro is now available on the Q-Portal for download.

The breaking changes for this release are:

  • A new directory layout which will ease the creation of RPM-packages.
  • Also we have introduced a new getter for DataONTAP 9.7s new API plus several new checks. Some of these are already available as a compiled binary with zero dependencies.
  • Several of the getters and checks now require a license-file, which you will find at the Q-Portal.
  • A new index , which makes it easy for you finding the right check for a specific NetApp-monitoring-problem.

In the long run we will be providing all the checks as precompiled binaries so that we can leave the sometimes tedious dependency hell behind us. (Originally we planned to release this version as an RPM but it transpired that we can not solve the underlying problem of the lack of OS-support for certain Perl-modules using a packet manager.)

For a more detailed list of changes consult the release history .

UnprotectedVolume check searches for volumes not protected by SnapMirror.
Check for Certificate Expiration