Aggregate Object-Store Availability

The plugin check_netapp_aggregate object-store monitors the availability of an object store. In principle, we do the same as a storage admin who enters the command storage aggregate object-store show into Ontap’s CLI and then checks whether available is shown in the field object-store-availability.

Here is an example from practice:

AUS17::*> storage aggregate object-store show -fields aggregate,used-space,cluster,provider-type,tiering-fullness-threshold,object-store-availability
aggregate      object-store-name object-store-availability provider-type used-space tiering-fullness-threshold cluster
-------------- ----------------- ------------------------- ------------- ---------- -------------------------- -------
aggr1_AUS17_01 sg-xt001         available                 SGWS          23.21TB    30%                        AUS17  
aggr1_AUS17_02 sg-xt001         available                 SGWS          23.48TB    30%                        AUS17  
2 entries were displayed.

In this case, the plugin would exit with OK. However, should the object storage availability change (to e.g. not available), a CRITICAL alarm would be the result. This could look like the following:

./check_netapp_aggregate object-store --host=aus17
NETAPP OBJECTSTORE CRITICAL - 2 object stores checked, 1 CRITICAL not_available (CRITICAL), 23.21TiB used available, 23.48TiB used


The plugin check_netapp_aggregate is part of version 1.4.0 of our product Check NetApp-REST. Customers can download it from the

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