RESTful Spare-Disk and -Partion Check

The RESTful Spare-Disk Check has got subcommands for checking both spare-disks and spare-partions.

Example for checking spare-disks

./check_netapp_spare disk -H filer
NETAPP_PRO SPARE OK - 28 disks checked

Checks all nodes for sufficient spare-disks.

Example for checking spare-partitions

./check_netapp_spare partition -H filer
NETAPP SPARE WARNING - 68 partitions checked, 68 WARNING
prod-na- 1 spare-disks (WARNING)
prod-na- 1 spare-disks (WARNING)
prod-na- 1 spare-disks (WARNING)

Checks all nodes for sufficient spare-partitions.

About the Check NetApp-REST plugins

The monitoring plugins check_netapp_* for NagiosĀ®-compatible monitoring frameworks like Nagios Core, Nagios XI, op5-monitor, Icinga, Shinken or Zabbix are enhanced check programs for NetApp filers.

More information can be found on our Check NetApp-Pro product page .

To get a testing version or to buy the product please contact our distributor.


The check_netapp_spare plugin is part of the v1.5.0 release of our product Check NetApp-Pro . If you would like to get a testing-version please do not hesitate to contact our distributor.

Enhancements for this plugin can be requested at .

Monitoring Check for E-Series Interfaces
Check NetApp-ZAPI will not be able to monitor next year's ONTAPI releases