New SnapCenter check alarms if errors occur during backups.

With the upcoming new v5.0.0 release comes an interesting new check for Snap Centers. The new program is check_netapp_snapcenter and is being delivered as the first of several checks which is compiled into a binary.

The check itself will query the _NetApp SnapCenter_s database directly and report any errors occurring within the last 24 hours. Thus avoiding the issue of having to wait until the backup snapshots have been created, (each 24 hour timeframe), and enabling the prompt discovery and fix of any emerging errors.

The check includes a --support option which will dump the data discovered to a local file for manual, or programmatic, inspection. The choice of a binary distribution makes for both a simpler installation procedure, requiring only the correct binary for the hardware platform, and a substantially faster process runtime.

As always the new release is planned to be released within the next weeks and will be announce here. Users are encouraged to read through the release-history to discover all the new and improved features.

Untitled Reusable Block
Untitled Reusable Block