New NetApp-REST Checks: S3-Buckets, SnapMirror, Event-Count

The next version 2.2.0 of Check NetApp-REST, released on 2023-10-31, has new checks and enhances the EMS-Log-Check.

S3-Bucket Check

The check_netapp_s3bucket check monitors size and usage of S3 buckets in DataOntap.

S3-Bucket Check Example

$ check_netapp_s3bucket free -H filer
NETAPP S3 BUCKETS OK - 2 buckets checked\E
aent.fg_oss_1662139105: 100.0%, 1TiB free\E'
aearno365.fg_oss_1636558794: 63.3%, 648.2GiB free\E'

SnapMirror Check

The check_netapp_snapmirror check monitors:

  • both health- and mirror-state (healthy, snapmirrored, broken-off, …)
  • the last-transfer-size and the last-transfer-duration
  • the lag-time (time that has elapsed since the last transfer)

SnapMirror Check Examples

The following two examples check the health-state (1) and the lag-time (2).

$ check_netapp_snapmirror health-state -H filer
NETAPP SNAPMIRROR HEALTH STATE OK - 8 snapmirror relationships checked
DM5NFS:DM5NFS01->partner01:DM5NFS01_dest: healthy
DM3CIFS:SagArchive->partner01:SagArchive_dest: healthy
DM5NFS:DM5NFS02->partner01:DM5NFS02_dest: healthy
SRV-SVM-FIL01:BigData->partner01:vol_BigData_dest: healthy
DM3CIFS:BigDataArchive->partner01:vol_BigDataArchive_dest: healthy
DM5NFS:DM5NFS01_PT->partner01:vol_DM5NFS01_PT_dest: healthy
SVM01:SVM01_root->partner01:vol_SVM01_root_dest: healthy
M3CIFS:BigDataArchive_New->partner01:BigDataArchive_New_dest: healthy

$ check_netapp_snapmirror metric lag-time -H filer --warning=4h --critical=8h
NETAPP SNAPMIRROR LAG TIME OK - 3 snapmirror relationships checked
DM5NFS:DM5NFS02->partner01:DM5NFS02_dest: 8.9 hour\E'
DM5NFS:DM5NFS01->partner01:DM5NFS01_dest: 8.9 hour\E'
DM3CIFS:SagsArchive->partner01:SagsArchive_dest: 9.0 hour\E'
| DM5NFS:DM5NFS01->partner01:DM5NFS01_dest'=31993s;39600;54000;0; …

EMS-Log Check: New subcommand event-count

The check-plugin check_netapp_ems monitors the EMS-Log. If a specific log-entry occurs too often the check sends an alarm. So far you could set thresholds for rates (events per time-unit) only. Now you have the option to set the bare number of events as well.

The new subcommand event-count in a nutshell: Counts the events instead of calculating a rate.

EMS event-count Example

$ check_netapp_ems event-count -H filer --name=wafl.vol.autoSize.done
Number of wafl.vol.autoSize.done EMS events during the last hour: 6


All checks are part of the 2.2.0 release of our product Check NetApp-REST . Customers can download them directly from our Release Server . If you would like to get a free testing-version please do not hesitate to contact the distributor .

Check NetApp-ZAPI will not be able to monitor next year's ONTAPI releases
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