check_netapp_quotas: List the usernames of overly used quotas.

The check_netapp_quotas script returns a list of filers where quotas are in
place and where quotas are exceeded.

This script has a nifty new feature, which is available from check_netapp_pro version 5 onwards, to list quota limits per user. Enabling the --list_users switch will make the check_netapp_quotas script print a human-readable view of both soft- and hard-limits, which are overused, per user. An example will make this clearer. First, the standard check_netapp_quotas behaviour:

./check\_netapp\ -H   
 1 soft-limits on exceeded!   
| datatst.fs\_tst\_disk-used=53709420B;52428800;104837400;0;   

An example of the extended --list_users switch:

./check\_netapp\ -H --list\_users   
1 soft-limits on exceeded!   
jsturgeon: WARNING (50.00MiB - 100.00MiB): 51.25MiB  
| datatst.fs\_tst\_disk-used=53709420B;52428800;104837400;0;  

NB. the text color here is only used to point up the new feature for descriptive purposes only.

As always the new release can be downloaded from the Q-Portal. Users are encouraged to read through the release-history to discover all the new and improved features.

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