VolumeAge warns about overly old or young volumes.

The new VolumeAge check for check_netapp_pro warns about overly old or exceptionally young volumes, where the age is calculated as the difference between the volume creation-time and now.

Thresholds (--warning, --critical) may be set in days (d) or week (w). Various arguments can be used to narrow down the search in more detail, see the online docs . for other options. A particularly useful feature to check for young volumes is to invert the comparison-logic with --comparison=lt (less-than).

A simple example will demonstrate how to check the volume-age of all volumes, not using any --include or --exclude regexes for clarity. This command will warn if a volume is older than 1 year and return critical if older than 2 years.

./check\_netapp\_pro.pl VolumeAge -H filer -w 365d -c 730d   
NETAPP\_PRO VOLUMEAGE CRITICAL - 4 volumes checked, 3 critical and 1 warning srv2.vol10: 961d ~3y (CRITICAL) srv1.vol11: 961d ~3y (CRITICAL) srv1.vol12: 961d ~3y (CRITICAL) srv2.vol21: 421d ~1y (WARNING) | ...

Customers who want to use and test the new feature are kindly asked to get in touch with us. Users are also encouraged to read through the release-history to discover all the new and improved features.

The rm_ack feature can now be switched off completely with --rm_ack=off.
check_netapp_quotas: List the usernames of overly used quotas.