UnprotectedVolume check searches for volumes not protected by SnapMirror.

The new UnprotectedVolume check searches for volumes not protected by a SnapMirror.

An alarm is generated if one or more unprotected volumes are found. Specific volumes and vservers can be checked by using the standard check_netapp_pro --include= and --exclude= arguments. A simple example follows using the default arguments and a single host

./check\_netapp\_pro.pl UnprotectedVolume -H filer   
NETAPP\_PRO UNPROTECTEDVOLUME CRITICAL - 7 volumes checked, 6 critical and 0 warning   
mycluster-01:vol0: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_a:vol0: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_b:vol0: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_b:vol1: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_b:vol1\_mirror: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_b:vol2: unprotected (CRITICAL)   
vserv\_a:vol1: protected (vserv\_b:vol1\_mirror, data\_protection)  

This check is part of the upcoming 5.0.0 version (available as RC5 as of today, a stable release will follow soon). As always the new releases can be downloaded from the Q-Portal. Users are encouraged to read through the release-history to discover all the new and improved features.

check_netapp_quotas: List the usernames of overly used quotas.
check_netapp_pro 5.0.0 released