Untitled Reusable Block

The very useful –rm_ack=(…) parameter lets us decide how to deal with remote service acknowledgements. The optional arguments supplied until now have included ignore, always, never and reason-change, with the latter being the default. This parameter now has an additional option: off.


As one might expect, this explicitly switches the remote services acknowledgements handling entirely off, regardless of circumstances. This is unlike the rm_ack=never option which can result in masked alarms in some cases. There may for example be cases where unset environment variables are causing issues with the rm_ack handling of multiple instances and this is one way to side-step these entirely.


Although the common case is to massage the warning and critical alarms into critical errors when the reason has changed or always, and this is the basis for reason-change being used as the default setting, there may be times when the historical rm_ack handling simply gets in the way of the expected processing of alarms.

In summary, with this option it is now possible to switch the rm_ack facility, as useful as it usually is, completely off and to let the remote service acknowledgements flow out unadjusted as nature, (or the monitoring system itself, Nagios, etc.), intended.

Releasing v4.3.0
New SnapCenter check alarms if errors occur during backups.