Check for volumes snapshot-policy?

check_netapp_pro already provides a way to flag volumes which do not have snapshots at all. The check SnapshotLessVolume just looks for the size used by snapshots and if that size is equal to 0 it will raise an alarm.

Lately, while working on a check for snapmirrors, I found some attributes from which we could derive and check the snapshots policy name and the number of snapshot copies in the volume.

Are you interested?

So my question is: Would it make sense for some of our customers to check for:

  • a given snapshot-policy¬†name

and/ or

  • the number of snapshots on the volume additionally to the already provided check for the size taken by snapshots?¬†


Here are a couple of examples of how this check might look like once we’ve implemented it:

check_netapp_pro SnapshotPolicy -H <filer> --name=SalesDepartment

Check all volumes snapshot-policy and raise an alarm if their name does not equal SalesDepartment.

check_netapp_pro SnapshotPolicy -H <filer> -w 7 -c 3

Check all volumes snapshot-policy and raise a warning, if less than 7 copies are available (and a critical alarm if less than 3).

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to see this check implemented in one of the next releases.

Usage gets a new --aggr_over=n feature
Releasing v4.3.0