SnapMirrorMetrics and unfinalized Transfers

We received a feature request for SnapMirrorMetrics:

Since we often have lagtime false positives because complete transfers are still being finalized on the volume, we would like to have a switch for the SnapMirrorMetrics check: ‑‑finalizing_relation_is_ok

We are currently discussing two possible solutions:

The easy solution: --finalizing=OK|WARN

This switch would lead the check to complete with OK (or WARNING) if the lagtime has been exceeded and under the condition that the respective transfer has the status _finalizing. _ At this point we should remind ourselves of the meaning of finalizing. According to the SDK:

‚finalizing‘ – SnapMirror transfers are enabled, currently in the post-transfer phase for vault or extended data protection incremental transfers

The clean solution: --finalizing_plus=12h

In contrast to the solution proposed above, this approach would extend the threshold for up to 12 hours, depending on the status of the transfers. This way we would prevent a transfer stuck in a endless finalizing loop of always returning OK and not being identified by the monitoring system. An example to demonstrate its usage:``` SnapMirrorMetrics … –what=lag_time -w 1d -c 2d –finalizing_plus=12h

Your opinion?

We are leaning more towards the second, cleaner approach. Certainly, preventing false positives is an important concern but it should never lead to false negatives, i.e. undetected errors, becoming a possibility, no matter how improbable their appearance. In the end, our goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers. If you are interested, leave us a comment below or send us an email to [](

Stable Release 3.8.0 now available
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