RESTful Volume Snapshot Check

This new plugin monitors the space occupied by snapshots on a volume in its first stage of development. It is similar to its ZAPI predecessor Snapshots in that it can calculate the space required by snapshots either relative to the volume size or the snapshot reserve. The parameter --base=volume|reserve is responsible for this.

Syntax and Options

With many options like --base=volume|reserve or --include/exclude=<regex> the check can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Please have a look at the checks documentation page for explanations and examples.

Planned Extensions

The monitoring of aggregate snapshots is planned for a later expansion stage.

For special applications, a list of all snapshots including their size and date can optionally be output in JSON format. This allows scripts to automatically delete older snapshots of a particular aggregate that is getting full.


The plugin check_netapp_snapshot is part of version 1.4.0 of our Check NetApp-REST product and can be downloaded from

To get a testing version or to buy the product please contact our distributor.

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