RESTfull Disk Check for NetApp's Ontap

The family of Check NetApp REST monitoring plugins has grown. With the check_netapp_disk container-type plugin the storage admin has a constant eye on disks that have been moved into unwanted containers. Let’s look at an example: .$ check_netapp_disk container-type -H sim96 NETAPP DISK CONTAINER TYPE OK - 28 disks checked sim96cluster-01.NET-1.28: spare sim96cluster-01.NET-1.27: spare sim96cluster-01.NET-1.26: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.25: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.24: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.23: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.22: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.21: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.20: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.19: spare sim96cluster-01.
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