RESTfull Disk Check for NetApp's Ontap

The family of Check NetApp REST monitoring plugins has grown. With the check_netapp_disk container-type plugin the storage admin has a constant eye on disks that have been moved into unwanted containers.

Let’s look at an example:

.$ check_netapp_disk container-type -H sim96
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.28: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.27: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.26: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.25: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.24: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.23: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.22: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.21: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.20: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.19: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.18: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.17: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.16: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.15: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.14: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.13: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.12: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.11: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.10: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.9: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.8: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.7: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.6: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.5: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.4: spare
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.3: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.2: aggregate
sim96cluster-01.NET-1.1: aggregate

On this filer (it is a simulator) we have 28 disks. All disks are in either the aggregate or the spare container. Using the default switch of --ok-type=^aggregate|spare$ the check is OK.

If a disc were in an e.g. unassigned or broken container, the check would alert. By changing the switch --ok-type to e.g. --ok-type=^aggregate|spare|unassigned$ also unassigned discs would be OK.

In addition, --exclude or --include can also be used to completely exclude one or more disks from the check.


Like all plugins of the Check NetApp-REST family check_netapp_disk only checks filers that support a RESTful API. This is true for ontap >= 9.6.

For older devices please use the Check NetApp-ZAPI which still works with 7-mode.

Documentation and availability

More details about the check can be found on our docu-site .

The check_netapp_disk plugin is already available in a beta version (1.2.0-beta.1). We are now waiting for the distributor to complete the tests.

check_site_simple checks media-sources as well
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