check_site_simple checks media-sources as well

The latest release of check_site_simple (v1.1.0.beta.1 as of writing this article) will find broken links to image and media-sources as well.

Like it’s predecessors the integrated crawler of check_site_simple flags any broken link found somewhere on the checked site but now links to images and media files (e.g. audio or video files linked from your site) will get checked too.

To give users full control we have also integrated a new switch --disable-media-checks.


Under the hood check_site_simple searches for img-tags in the sites html-code like such:

<img src=""> 

It then checks, if the named source is acceessible of not. In the latter case it will respond with a CRITICAL alarm:

CHECK_SITE CRITICAL - 10 pages checked, 1 page with error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found), source:

The same is true for other media sources as well.

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