E-Series Free Pool Space Monitoring

We have released a new monitoring plugin called check_eseries_pool. The first version has exactly one subcommand called free-space. This monitors the free space still available for thin volumes in the disk pool.

It is particularly useful when you start taking snapshots or mirroring to another system. In such cases, you will monitor the FreePoolSpace to track the changes until they are mirrored to the other system or until the snapshot is deleted.

A typical output would look like:

$ ./check_eseries_pool free-space -H node01 -w 80TiB -c 50TiB
ESERIES POOL FREE-SPACE OK - 137.5TiB freePoolSpace available

The check_eseries_pool is part of the 1.1.0 release of our product Check E-Series . If you would like to get a testing-version please do not hesitate to contact our distributor.

Enhancements for this plugin, eg; to provide an option for monitoring the usedPoolSpace, can be requested at developer@monitoring-plugins.pro .

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