New Check: Storage Port Status (degraded)

We have got this request:

Recently we have noticed that some of our fiber optic cables have degraded, this is sadly not reported anywhere else exept with the commands below…

STOR04-A1::*> storage port show -node STOR04-A1-01
Node               Port Type (Gb/s) State    Status
------------------ ---- ---- ------ -------- ---------------
                   0a   SAS       6 enabled  online
                   0b   SAS       0 enabled  offline
                   0c   SAS       6 enabled  online-degraded
                   0d   SAS       0 enabled  offline
                   3a   SAS       0 enabled  offline
                   3b   SAS       6 enabled  online
                   3c   SAS       0 enabled  offline
                   3d   SAS       6 enabled  online
                   6a   SAS      12 enabled  online
                   6b   SAS      12 enabled  online
                   6c   SAS      12 enabled  online
                   6d   SAS      12 enabled  online
12 entries were displayed.

The cable in question is a QSFP copper to optical LC and is used because the disk shelfs are located in another server room. As you can see from the details above it is degraded, and this is most likely because of dust on the connectors.

The system itself also doesn’t see any errors… (the system health commands all report OK) and the disk paths are also all online.

Do you have a plugin catching this before we loose the connection?

Solution: A Storage Port Check

Yes we can ;-) We have developed a plugin that goes trough the list of all storage ports and alarms if at least one of them is not online. With the optional --ok-status=<regex> parameter, this rule can be changed to whatever you want. E.g. --ok-status="^(on|off)line$" would allow also offline storage ports for an ok-result.


$ check_netapp_storageport -H filer 
NETAPP STORAGE PORT CRITICAL - 9 storage ports checked, 4 CRITICAL
filercluster-01.v2: offline (CRITICAL)
filercluster-01.v7: offline (CRITICAL)
filercluster-01.v6: offline (CRITICAL)
filercluster-01.v3: offline (CRITICAL)
filercluster-01.v5: online
filercluster-01.v4: online
filercluster-01.v8: online
filercluster-01.v1: online
filercluster-01.v0: online
$ check_netapp_storageport -H filer  --ok-status="^(on|off)line"$
NETAPP STORAGE PORT OK - 9 storage ports checked
filercluster-01.v8: online
filercluster-01.v7: offline
filercluster-01.v6: offline
filercluster-01.v5: online
filercluster-01.v4: online
filercluster-01.v3: offline
filercluster-01.v2: offline
filercluster-01.v1: online
filercluster-01.v0: online

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