Check Site Simple v1.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the 1.1.0 release of our monitoring plugin check_site_simple.

The following is new in this version:

  • The links to images and other media are checked as well. This means that incorrectly embedded images or videos or those whose sources no longer exist are now recognized as well.

  • Links to external sources can be provided with their own grace period. The background for the introduction of this new option is that sometimes servers to which you want to link are unstable. However, a webmaster has no direct influence on external sources. Instead of deleting the link because of occasional instability, he can now use the grace-period to delay the alarm specifically for external sources only. Internal “broken links” are alerted immediately regardless of this.

  • The default exit code for 0 found pages has been changed from OK to CRITICAL. The behaviour in this regard can now be adjusted with the parameter --no-pages=OK|WARNING|CRITICAL|UNKNOWN.

Download and free testing license

As always, this version can be obtained from your distributor’s portal or you can request a free test licence from us. Simply write to:

About Check Site Simple

The monitoring plugin check_site_simple can be used to check the availability of websites from a Nagios-compatible Monitoring System like Nagios Core/XI, Icinga, OP5-Monitor, Shinken or Zabbix.

It is somehow an enhanced replacement for the check_http plugin . For more details please check out the product information .

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