Check NetApp's E-Series

The first stable release (v1.1.0) of our brand new Check E-Series product brings an automated health check for e-series nodes. check_eseries_health will run the health checks regularly and automatically report any errors found. Example $ ./check_eseries_health --host= --system-id 1 [...] NETAPP ESERIES HEALTH CRITICAL - 16 health checks checked, 1 CRITICAL StorageGRID-XG-102.missingVolumes: notCompleted (CRITICAL) StorageGRID-XG-102.integratedHealthCheck: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.dbSubRecordsValidation: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.melEventCheck: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.validPassword: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.failedDrivesPresent: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.exclusiveOperations: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.driveCheck: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.nvsramDisableCfwDownloads: ok StorageGRID-XG-102.
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