v6.x Customers: Missing --stm could fill up disk

We have discovered an issue in the new 6.x versions of check_netapp_pro if a getter contacts the new RESTful API of NetApp. These getters require an explicit --stm (e.g. --stm=1h). Otherwise the collected storefiles are not deleted and could fill up the monitoring servers disk. Again this does affect installations only if both of the following conditions are met: the plugins version is 6.x  the plugins getter contacts the RESTful API of the filer (Ontap 9.
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Performance Issues in large Environments

We have at least one confirmed report, that our latest release v6.0.0 has performance problems in large environments, when running many checks at the same time. There seems to be a limit of approximately 12 checks per second due to the overhead of running a docker container. We are working on a solution and will report here once we can provide an updated version. Customers with large environments may wait before upgrading to v6.
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Dependency free version 6.0.0 released as stable

After extensive testing we released the next major version 6.0.0 today. As already announced this version brings: Easy installation and update without dependencies on Perl or Perl-Modules.  Getter amd checks compatible with NetApps new RESTful API New checks and options More details are in the release history. This version is already available on your distributors portal. The completely rewritten and new documentation is available online at docs.monitoring-plugins.pro.

First v6.0.0 Release Candidate

We just pushed the first RC for the upcoming 6.0.0 version to the Distributors Portal. Customers who would like to test are very much appreciated! (Pls. check with the distributor to get access to unstable releases as well, if you do not see them on your account.) The 6.0.0 version brings a completely dockered and therefore dependency free installation plus new checks and options. Please read the release history for details.
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