How the Site Check Plugin helped us transferring the blog

Those who have been reading this blog for a while may have noticed that we have “moved”. In addition to the design the domain is now different, the new structure allows us to write about the new monitoring plugins as well as our traditional storage plugins. How do we ensure that there is not a single “broken link” in over 300 articles? We had feared that the transfer of the articles from the old blog could not be done completely automatically.
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RESTful volume check for NetApps ONTAP filer

The v1.2.0 release of our Check NetApp-REST product contains a new monitoring plugin called check_netapp_volume usage. It provides the monitoring of: the used space of each volume (in Bytes) the total used space of several volumes the average used space of several volumes the min/max of used space of several volumes A typical output would look like: $ check_netapp_volume usage -H filer -w 30GiB -c 50GiB NETAPP VOLUME USAGE OK - 5 volumes checked vserv_b.
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Monitoring Check for E-Series Network Interfaces

The v1.1.0 release of our Check E-Series product brings also a new monitoring plugin called check_eseries_nic. This provides monitoring of: the link-status (up/down) the current-speed (1Gib/s, 10GiB/s, …) setup-error (true/false) A typical output would for the link-status check look like: $ ./check_eseries_nic link-status -H --system-id=1 NETAPP ESERIES NIC CRITICAL - 4 nics checked, 3 CRITICAL wan1.280107001000000000000: down (CRITICAL), slot 1, label P2 wan0.280007001000000000000: up, slot 0, label P1.
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Nagios Plugins for Clustermode NetApp

Half a year ago there was very little demand for Nagios plugins that support Cluster Mode. Recently, we have received more and more requests for just such plugins. We are looking at Q4 2013 to launch our new release of Nagios Plugins for NetApp, Version 3.0, with added support for cluster mode.