E-Series Free Pool Space Monitoring

We have released a new monitoring plugin called check_eseries_pool. The first version has exactly one subcommand called free-space. This monitors the free space still available for thin volumes in the disk pool. It is particularly useful when you start taking snapshots or mirroring to another system. In such cases, you will monitor the FreePoolSpace to track the changes until they are mirrored to the other system or until the snapshot is deleted.
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Less data please :-)

Less can be more Some time ago, we received an enquiry in which a customer illustrated a general problem using the LUN check as follows: If I run ./check_netapp_pro.pl LunState -H fas --alarm_limit 1 This will show you all the LUNs on the Cluster, both online and offline. We have systems that contain over 200 LUNs, so Nagios shows a very long list of LUNs, which is confusing for some users.
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EMS Log-Monitoring

How to integrate the EMS-Log into an existing System-Monitoring solution In this article ONTAP REST APIs: Automate Notification of High-Severity Events Mahalakshmi describes how to use messages to get notified about system events, depending on their type and severity. It’s a really flexible and comprehensive way to monitor NetApps ONTAP. What if you already have a system-monitoring solution like Nagios, Icinga, op5 Monitor or Shinken in place? In that case the destinations (the recipients of the notifications) are already defined in the monitoring system.
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RESTfull Disk Check for NetApp's Ontap

The family of Check NetApp REST monitoring plugins has grown. With the check_netapp_disk container-type plugin the storage admin has a constant eye on disks that have been moved into unwanted containers. Let’s look at an example: .$ check_netapp_disk container-type -H sim96 NETAPP DISK CONTAINER TYPE OK - 28 disks checked sim96cluster-01.NET-1.28: spare sim96cluster-01.NET-1.27: spare sim96cluster-01.NET-1.26: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.25: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.24: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.23: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.22: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.21: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.20: aggregate sim96cluster-01.NET-1.19: spare sim96cluster-01.
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Check for Offline or Failed Disks

The new **Disk **check monitors the disks of a NetApp Filer. Depending on the settings, the check sends an error message when offline or failed disks are found. An example using a 7-Mode Filer: $ **./check_netapp_pro.pl Disk -H sim812 ‑‑what=failed** NETAPP_PRO DISK CRITICAL - 14 disks checked, 1 critical and 0 warning. sim812 v5.16: not failed sim812 v5.17: not failed sim812 v5.18: not failed sim812 v5.19: not failed sim812 v5.21: not failed sim812 v5.
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Check the number of Snapshots per Volume

How can I find Volumes without any Snapshots? How can you find out which Volumes on the Filer don’t have any Snapshots? The check Snapshots,which is included in our Suite check_netapp_pro, provides a relatively easy way of achieving this. The following example demonstrates how it can be used: $ check\_netapp\_pro Snapshots ... --metric=number -w 1 -c 1 --comparison=lt With the above command, every Volume that has less than 1 Snapshot will trigger the Monitoring System (e.
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Nagios Plugins for Clustermode NetApp

Half a year ago there was very little demand for Nagios plugins that support Cluster Mode. Recently, we have received more and more requests for just such plugins. We are looking at Q4 2013 to launch our new release of Nagios Plugins for NetApp, Version 3.0, with added support for cluster mode. http://www.netapp-monitoring.info/en/matrix_check_netapp_pro.html