Check Volume Usage in Percent

In version 1.2.1 of our product Check NetApp-REST the check_netapp_volume usage command understands relative thresholds in percent as well as absolute ones in bytes. With this enhancement thresholds can be written either as

--warning 18GiB --critical 20GiB


--warning 80% --critical 95%.

Both the message and the perfdata will adapt to the unit from the thresholds.


Let’s see some examples.

This is how the check worked with absolute thresholds:

$ check_netapp_volume usage -H filer1 -w 30GiB -c 50GiB
NETAPP VOLUME USAGE OK - 5 volumes checked
vserv_b.vol2: 1.254MiB
vserv_b.vol1: 1.23MiB
vserv_a.vol1: 1.184MiB
vserv_b.vol0: 1.27MiB
vserv_a.vol0: 1.238MiB
| 'vserv_a.vol0'=1298432B;32212254720;53687091200;0; 'vserv_b.vol0'=1331200B;32212254720;53687091200;0; 'vserv_a.vol1'=1241088B;32212254720;53687091200;0; 'vserv_b.vol1'=1290240B;32212254720;53687091200;0; 'vserv_b.vol2'=1314816B;32212254720;53687091200;0;

Every volume with more than 30 GiB used space is reported to be in a warning state.

The new percent-unit for the thresholds may give such a result:

$ check_netapp_volume usage -H filer2 -w 80% -c 95% 
NETAPP VOLUME USAGE OK - 5 volumes checked
vserv_b.vol2: 6.3%, 1.266MiB
vserv_b.vol1: 6.4%, 1.289MiB
vserv_a.vol1: 6.0%, 1.203MiB
vserv_b.vol0: 5.6%, 1.117MiB
vserv_a.vol0: 6.2%, 1.25MiB
| 'vserv_a.vol0'=6.25%;80;95;0; 'vserv_b.vol0'=5.586%;80;95;0; 'vserv_a.vol1'=6.016%;80;95;0; 'vserv_b.vol1'=6.445%;80;95;0; 'vserv_b.vol2'=6.328%;80;95;0;

Depending on the actual size of the volume, the thresholds value is calculated and then compared with the used space.


The percentage thresholds are useful in environments where more than one volume is checked per service check (so called “overall-checks”) or where the volumes size changes frequently.


The check_netapp_volume usage with relative thresholds is part of the 1.2.1-rc.1 release of our product Check NetApp-REST . Customers interested in this new functionality can download this plugin from our release server .

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