Usage gets a new --aggr_over=n feature

An interesting option for check_netapp_pro, available with the 4.3.0 release, is the new [netapp_double_dash]aggr_over=n feature.

The Usage plugin has always checked volume and aggregate capacities. The latter being serviced in dedicated detail via the OvercommitAggr plugin. The new option added to the Usage plugin now enables a more intelligent check of the space available and to alarm on these only when the aggregates are also overcommitted. In some cases, depending on your requirements, this might even do away with the extra OvercommitAggr check altogether.

To define the overcommitted border, we use the new option. When overcommitment is below this threshold, the exit state of the instance will remain OK (regardless of warning or critical settings). Only when the overcommitment is above the new threshold setting will these alarms be triggered.

An example may make this clearer, note the use of [netapp_double_dash]aggr_over=100 as the threshold here:

\> check\_netapp\ Usage -o aggregate -H $HOST -w 70 -c 90 \[netapp\_double\_dash\]aggr\_over=100 \[netapp\_ellipsis\]
NETAPP\_PRO USAGE CRITICAL - 3 aggregates checked, 1 critical and 1 warning 
\[netapp\_double\_dash\]include/\[netapp\_double\_dash\]exclude settings. 
n-odinn-01.N01\_aggr\_4: 93.0% full and 99.19% commited 
n-odinn-03.N03\_aggr\_5: 93.0% full and 100.04% commited (CRITICAL) 
n-odinn-03.N03\_aggr\_8: 93.0% full and 93.82% commited 
n-odinn-09.N09\_aggr\_7: 88.0% full and 95.13% commited 
n-odinn-02.N02\_aggr\_1: 87.0% full and 105.69% commited (WARNING) 
n-odinn-07.N07\_aggr\_2: 84.0% full and 90.95% commited 
n-odinn-03.N03\_aggr\_2: 79.0% full and 91.93% commited 

For more information, see the usage specific help for the Usage plugin. Remember with every release to check out the online documentation  and the release history .

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Usage gets a new --aggr_over=n feature