Check NetApp-REST v2.0.0 released

We have released the version 2.0.0 of our Check NetApp-REST product – a collection of modern go-coded Nagios-compatible monitoring checks based on NetApp’s RESTful API.


  • The aggregate-check has got the long awaited usage and free subcommands. (Until now check_netapp_aggregate was a special check for monitoring the object-stores only.)

  • The EMS-log check can filter for severity now.

  • The output of every overall-check can is highly configurable now thanks to the new --sort-by option. The older options --sort-order and/or --sort-criterion are invalid in the v2.0.0 release. Configurations using them must be adapted to the new --sort-by option!

More Information and Download

For more details check out the docs at

Customers can download this version from our Release Server . To get a free testing version please contact our distributor.

About the Check NetApp-REST plugins

The monitoring plugins check_netapp_* for Nagios®-compatible monitoring frameworks like Nagios Core, Nagios XI, op5-monitor, Icinga, Shinken or Zabbix are enhanced check programs for NetApp filers.

More information can be found on our Check NetApp-Pro product page .

To get a testing version or to buy the product please contact our distributor.

Check NetApp-ZAPI will not be able to monitor next year's ONTAPI releases
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