New Filter for Usage Check

When monitoring volumes with very different sizes using usage  it might be desirable to have the option to configure different thresholds independently of the size of the volumes. The easiest way of doing this would be to set different percentages for small, medium and large volumes. Example Lets  say…

  • …that for volumes smaller than 500GiB we want to be warned if the usage exceeds 80%
  • …that for volumes between 500GiB and 10TiB we want to be warned if the usage exceeds 90%
  • and that for volumes larger than 10TiB we want to trigger warnings for a usage higher than 95%

In order to implement such strategies we are extending the switch  --check_only so that a range for the size of the volumes (size_total) can be configured. The strategy described above could then be translated as such:``` --check_only=..500GiB  -w 80 # Volumes up to 500 GiB, warning after 80% –check_only=500GiB..10TiB -w 90 # Volumes from 0,5 to 10 TiB, warning after 90% –check_only=10TiB.. -w 95 # Volumes above 10 TiB, warning after 95%

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New Filter for Usage Check