First testing-release for the upcoming 4.0 version

We are happy to be able to deliver the first testing release to customers who want to see how their requests have been implemented. Also any other customer of check_netapp_pro who would like to test if the upcoming major release 4.0 will (better) suite his needs is highly appreciated as a tester.

What’s new?

Fundamental changes under the hood should make the getters more efficient and stable.

  • Dedicated getters for some objects have been precisely tailored.
  • The ability to get the data of several objects at once, will reduce the number of Perl-processes running in parallel and further improve performance.
  • Some checks have got additional options while other checks are completely new.

Please check out the release-history for details - this time it is important to read that before you install!

Download of the new version

First a few words of caution: This is the first, unstable testing-release and we made changes in the user-interface. It is very unlikely that this release will work with your existing configuration unchanged. So I doubt that you will be happy if you use this release in production. On the other hand we are keen of having as much feedback as possible and customers testing and communication their needs will have heavy impact on the further development. So please go ahead, check out the version 3.10.3_04 from  the Q-Portal  but keep always a possibility to step back or even better use a dedicated testing-server. (If you don’t see that version (3.10.3_04) on the Q-Portal contact for a free beta-access.) UPDATE 2018-06-23: Unfortunately the original announced release (3.10.3_02) had some libraries missing. Therefore we removed that release from the Q-Portal. If you have downloaded that old release please delete it! The fixed one has the release number 3.10.3_04.

Additional Information

All blog posts related to this release (4.0) .


Looking forward to your feedback and requests.

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