Filter in SnapCenter Check Understands Regex

Our quite new SnapCenter check can filter for resource-groups and policies. Until now one had to precisely define which resource-groups should get checked.

In some situations the resource-group name changes. To allow checking such resource-groups without having to constantly change the filters in the service-check configuration we are introducing regexmatching for these filters.


Let me show you an example:

If a resource-group sometimes changes from …

AT01_HA_D01   to   AT01_HA_D01_SR (and vice versa),

… you can check both resource-group with the same service-check by setting:

 --resource\_group="~^AT01\_HA\_D01"  # relaxed


\--resource\_group="~^AT01\_HA\_D01(\_SR)?$"  # strict

In case you would like to filter for exactly one resource-group name, just remove the tilde (~) in front of the value. E.g. --resource_group=AT01_HA_D01 would include only logentries with a resource group name of AT01_HA_D01.

The same syntax is also available for the Policy filter.

This change is available with the 5.2.0 release. Please consider reading the release history .

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