Checking a specific Nodes Instances

Since 4.0.0 every over-all check has a feature, which we call “instance-name contains node-name”. We have introduced this as an replacement for the sporadic available --node|--vserver parameter (not available any more). 

So since then each instance-name has the name of its node prefixed. This allows to use the --include|--exclude parameters to filter for all instances of a specific node.

E.g. if you have a new-node with a different hardware you may want to check only the ports of this new-node:

./ NetPort -H filer --include="^new-node\."

The above example would do exactly that: It uses the regular expression ^new-node\. to filter for instances whose name starts with the node-name new-node followed by a dot (The dot separates the prefixed node- from the actual instance-name.)

Just in case you are not so familiar with regexes: The ^ stands for “at the beginning of the string” and \. is a literal dot (whereas . would be a wildcard for any character).

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