Bug in Ontap 9.8 blocks check_netapp_shelfenv

The plugin check_netapp_shelfenv does not work in Ontap 9.8

After much back and forth, we have now received confirmation that in Ontap 9.8 the endpoint /api/private/cli/storage/shelf for the RESTful API is missing or not working.

On the command line it looks like this:

curl -X GET -u nagios:**** -k https://some.filer.com/api/private/cli/storage/shelf
    "error": {
        "message": "entry doesn't exist",
        "code": "4",
        "target": "shelf"

This is of course unfortunate, because it means that our plugin check_netapp_shelfenv can no longer function. Via the official endpoint, we do not get the data that is necessary for the extensive monitoring that this plugin is supposed to provide.

Effects and workaround

Since all versions of Ontap currently in circulation also support the older ZAPI, Check NetApp-PRO customers can fall back on the plugin check_netapp.pl ShelfEnvironment from Check NetApp-ZAPI .

Unfortunately, there is also a limitation here: some newer filers from NetApp do not deliver data via this interface either. According to our information, this also depends on the specific hardware. The development of the RESTfull check_netapp_shelfenv plugin was aimed at providing seamless monitoring for new hardware. Unfortunately, this is now thwarted by this error in Ontap until it is fixed.

Reduced scope plugin

It would of course be conceivable to write a plug-in with a reduced scope that does not require the faulty endpoint. Customers interested in such a solution should contact us at developer@netapp-monitoring.info

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